Posted by Hatice Brodnik on

These are my favouite type of gift boxes to do, I love to interact with the customers, to find out what the person they are purchasing for likes and learning about their personality. A lot of gift hampers businesses do claim they customise their gift boxes, but its still items they have added as extras for you to pick from. What sets me apart, is the fact I go the extra mile by interacting with the customers, finding out their likings, once I have made it I also send a photo of the finished product, to ensure that the customer is satisfied before they purchase it. I hope by adding the customised gift boxes onto my shop, that it helps out customers who want more of a personal touch and more thought put into their gift bag/hamper.

Most popular customised gift bags: by far I have that the kids gift bags/hampers are the most popular ones to customise, It also helps that I love making the kids gift hampers/bags. They always get value for money and every single kid who has received one has been very happy.

regards hattys hampers